Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections on Pop & Water Lilies

New York

Opening Reception: Nov. 6, 6-8p

Press Release

Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections on Pop

Thursday, November 6 – Thursday, December 18, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, November 6th, 6:00 to 8:00pm

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David Benrimon Fine Art is pleased to announce its solo exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein’s work in our new state of the art gallery located in the Crown Building, 730 Fifth Avenue in New York City. The exhibition will showcase a wide range of works from the artist’s long and prolific career, examining how Lichtenstein became a central figure of the American Pop movement. The works were carefully selected from his most iconic series, namely Water Lilies, Nudes and Reflections.

Lichtenstein is primarily known for his interpretation of comic strips and advertising imagery, colored with his signature Benday dots, as portrayed in his earlier works such as Reverie and Shipboard Girl. He pioneered a new style of painting, executed by hand but inspired by the mechanics of the industrial printing process. His rich and expansive practice is further demonstrated by the wide range of mediums he worked with, including bronze, brass and steel.

Of the most innovative works are Lichtenstein’s Water Lilies, a small edition on stainless steel, inspired by Claude Monet’s Nympheas. Sign-painter’s enamel was screenprinted on the metal to build a surface of color that is collage-like in appearance. 

Although not fully apparent in photographs, the image transmogrifies reflecting light and color of the room it occupies, shifting and changing as the work is viewed from different angles. Lichtenstein moved beyond Monet’s lessons in light not in irony but earnestly; thoughtfully using reflective forms, pop imagery, and careful composition to further a dialogue about abstraction and pictorial space.

Much like Like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, Lichtenstein returned to the motif of the female form in the latter part of his career. The portrayals from the Nudes can be traced to the artist's archive of comicbook clippings, some dating back to the 1960s, the key difference being that the originally clothed heroines are now undressed. The artist typically deployed his trademark version of painted Benday dots to mimic chiaroscuro, traditionally used in Rennaissance painting to represent dimension. Here however, they are used to create unrealistic contrasts in the illumination of forms, as seen in Nude with Blue Hair. Transgressing the limits of the nude's curvilinear torso, Lichtenstein's dots cascade from the top to the bottom, breaking the conventional distinctions of foreground and background and thereby flattening the picture plane.

This exhibition follows the gallery’s critically acclaimed presence in the Lichtenstein market for over 35 years. This exhibition has been curated by Linda Benrimon and is accompanied by an exhibition catalogue.

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