Fernando Botero: Beauty in Volume II

October 22 – December 22, 2015

Press Release

David Benrimon Fine Art is pleased to announce its second solo exhibition of Fernando Botero following the success of their 2014 exhibition. This show reinforces the gallery’s critically acclaimed twenty-year presence in the Botero market.


The exhibition focuses on master works from Botero’s career and includes paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. Beauty in Volume reflects the scale of Botero’s career while also referencing his subject matter. Highlights of this exhibition include Ballerina and Donna su Cavallo.


The ballerina is one of Botero’s most sough-after subjects and is a recurring theme found throughout his oeuvre. The subject may be yet another tribute to his predecessors. Botero often captures his ballerinas in idyllic moments, as each dancer is gracefully suspended in space and time.


Monumental sculptures such as Donna su Cavallo, due to size are often displayed as public art. Botero uses recognizable themes from history and mytholgy while trying to capture the humanity and humor inherent in these stories.


Curated by Alex Benrimon, this exhibition is also accompanied by an exhibition catalgoue, which can be viewed here. For further information, please contact the gallery at info@benrimon.com or +1 212-628-1600. All images are subject to copyright and gallery approval must be granted prior to reproduction.